You can take advantage of these 18 services of RTO sitting at home.

You have to go to the RTO office for every small work related to vehicles but sometimes due to lack of time you cannot go to RTO, now much small work of RTO can be done online.

So in this article, you will find complete information on what kind of work you can do online without going to the RTO office.

The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways has announced 18 services on March 4, 2021, which will be available to the common man only, without the need to go to the RTO office.

So let us know which 18 services can be availed online from RTO.

  1. Learner’s license
  2. Renewal of driving license 
  3. Duplicate driving license 
  4. Change of address in driving license and certificate of registration 
  5. Issue of international driving permit
  6. Surrender of a class of vehicle from license 
  7. Application for temporary registration of the motor vehicle 
  8. Application for registration of the motor vehicle with a full build body issue of international driving permit 
  9. Application for issue of duplicate certificate of registration 
  10. Application for grant of NOC for a certificate of registration 
  11. Notice of transfer of ownership of the motor vehicle 
  12. Application for transfer of ownership of the motor vehicle 
  13. Intimation of change of address in the certificate of registration 
  14. Application for registration for a driver from the accredited driver training center 
  15. Application for registration of motor vehicle of a diplomatic officer 
  16. Application for assignment of fresh registration mark of the motor vehicle of a diplomatic officer
  17. Endorsement of high-purchase agreement 
  18. Termination of hire-purchase agreement 

You can do all of the above procedures online, now let's talk about how to do these processes?

Website “LINK” Open this website and select your state so you will see 18 services that you can use only online.

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