How to Renew Driving License Online?

How to Renew Driving License Online?
How to Renew Driving License Online?

Now if your license has expired then don't worry because we have a grace period of 30 days even after the expiry date so you can apply for license renewal within 30 days after the license expires. Even if you apply within 5 years of the expiry date, you will not have to take the driving test again, but you will need a medical certificate if you have reached the age of 50 for renewal or if you are renewing for a transport license.

If you apply for renewal from one state to another state or from one R.T.O to another R.T.O, you will need to take a N.O.C (No Objection Certificate) from your old R.T.O and submit it along with the renewal application.

Now let's talk about,

how to renew the license online from home.

Step 1. First, visit the website.

Step 2. Click on the driving license and a page will open then scroll to the bottom then click on the renewal/duplicate of driving license option.

Step 3. Following the steps mentioned above does not open the website or if any error occurs, then follow the steps below in such circumstances.

Step 4. Visit (You will be redirected to this page from the above steps)

Step 5. Now select your state and then click on Apply Online (Driving License - Service on DL) then a drop-down menu will open from which to click on Services on Driving License.

Step 6. Then a page will open and all the steps are written on this page. Read it carefully and click on Continue.

Step 7. Then you will be asked for your Driving License Number and Date of Birth. Enter this data and click on get DL data.

Step 8. After doing so, a form will open. Fill in the required details and you will be asked to confirm your details. After confirming all the details, your phone number will be asked. After giving the phone number, an OTP will come in the phone. Do not fill the space given to the OTP.

Step 9. Now you will be asked which service you want to avail yourself of. (You can apply 365 days before the date of renewal.)

Step 10. Now all you have to do is click on Renewal of Driving License and after that, you have to upload a document. (Only upload when needed, such as N.O.C, new address, or any other change.)

Step 11. Now you have to pay the fee. At present, the fee is Rs. 250 but may change in the future.

All you have to do is follow the steps mentioned above and your smart card (Driving License) will be delivered to your home.

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