Who am I (2014 - hacker movie) Full Movie Download In 720p and 480p Hindi

who am i 2014 full movie download in hindi
who am I 2014 full movie download in Hindi

who am I full movie in Hindi download is a German movie directed by Baran Bo odar. In this movie, a group of hackers has talked about Clay, in the whole movie you are shown how the police catch a group of hackers with the help of Benjamin Engel. Police and private companies are very much disturbed by this group of hackers and that is why the police want to catch these hackers. In the movie who am I the police catch Benjamin and inquire about a group of hackers.

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The main director of the movie is Benjamin, who does a little hacking and is not very happy in his life. So he decides that he will be associated with a large group of hackers. But he does not know how to connect with the group because those hackers do not have a website and there are no contact details, only the name of this group of hackers was known to the people. Nobody knew anything about his real identity. And that's why Benjamin joined a team that had 3 people and those 3 people also had some of their own.

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who am I 2014 full movie in Hindi dubbed download

But Benjamin did not yet know how to meet this group of hackers, but he realized that to meet this group of hackers, he would also have to carry out a big event. And that's why these 4 people plan to hack the city's most high-tech company, after all their hard work, they finally get success and hack that company, and now all the data of that company is in. Logo Has and can join the Benjamin Clay Group by giving this data. 

In this movie, much of the focus is on Benjamin and this is why Benjamin is the most prominent hacker at the end of the film, from the beginning to the end, he does all the planning and the police escape.

who am I Movie 2014 is very much liked by people who have a lot of interest in hacking and technology? The English dubbed version of this movie is also available, so you can download this movie in English also. this movie is all about hackers and hacking systems.

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who am I (2014) cast

  • Benjamin Engel
  • Max
  • Marie
  • Stephan
  • Paul
  • Hanne Lindberg 
  • Martin Bohmer

Directed - Baran bo Odar

producers - Quirin Berg, Max Wiedemann, Justyna Muesch

writers - Jantje Friese, Baran bo Odar

music - Michael Kamm

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