SHAZAM: Fury of the Gods Full Movie - Helen Mirren as Villain (Hespera) and Release Date

SHAZAM 2 Release Date - 2 June 2023

A lot of updates are being received from DC Universe and one of them is about the cast of the movie SHAZAM: Fury of the Gods.

Now Helen Mirren is going to be seen in the SHAZAM: Fury of the Gods movie and her role will be that of a villain inside this movie.

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why DC Universe has cast Helen Mirren in this movie as a villain.

The casting of Helen Mirren has been reported by a large number of websites and it has been confirmed that Helen is going to appear in the SHAZAM 2 movie.

Helen Mirren is going to play Hespera's role in this movie, now she is going to have two more female villains but no updates have been received about both of them.

Now in greek mythology, Hespera is a Goddess and his father's name is Atlas.

If you remember, SHAZAM has the power of 7 Gods and Atlas is one of those Gods.

SHAZAM has powers of 7 Gods

Wisdom of Solomon

Hercules Strength

Stamina of atlas

Power of Zeus

coverage of Achilles

Mercury speed

SHAZAM: Talking about another villain in the movie Fury of the Gods, Rachel zegler can get his role.

Hespera's character was not in the entire Universe of DCEU, so this time we are going to see something new in the SHAZAM 2 movie.

SHAZAM: Speaking of the release date of the Fury of the Gods, it has been placed on 2 June 2023

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