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Who Am I?

I am just a curious man who loves to do research and teach others.

About Me

  • My age - Doesn't matter (I am Adult Ok)
  • Full-Time Profession - Investor
  • Eduction - I am well educated (...Just Graduate)
  • Where I live - India
  • My Cast - Again Doesn't matter
  • Married - If you have a Proposal then... NO :)

Quick Questions and Answers

Why did I start this blog?

because I am bored and want something to do in my free time.

Why do I Post Random Posts?

These are now random posts, This is the post about which I started researching and after knowing some interesting, I share it with my audience.

Why You should follow my blog?

Read My Who am I Section.

Anything Else you want to ask... 

feel free to mail me or just comment down.