How To Fix High Brightness Problem in Samsung Phone

How To Fix High Brightness Problem in Samsung Phone

You must have noticed one thing in your Samsung phone whenever you turn up the brightness of your Samsung phone, then you see a popup in which it is written that..,

Using High Brightness For Long Periods Increases Battery Consumption.

This popup means that when you use your Samsung phone in full brightness then your phone battery will drain very quickly.

Although the company has given this popup to save the battery of our phone, whenever you will full the brightness of your phone after restarting it, you will get to see this popup and some users find it annoying.

So let's know how to disable this brightness Pop-Up on Samsung Phone?

  1. Go to play store and download the SetEdit app.
  2. Now open the SetEdit app and select the System table.
  3. Don't scroll down and come across the letter "S".
  4. now click on the "show_max_brightness_dialog" "0".
  5. Click on Edit Value and put "1" on it.
  6. You will no longer see the brightness popup.

Extra Tip - Now you can uninstall the SetEdit app

If you want to enable the brightness option back, then you can enable this option by following the same procedure.

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