How To Use Vivo T1X Like A Pro

How To Use Vivo T1X Like A Pro
Vivo T1X

How To Use Vivo T1X Like A Pro

Vivo has launched Vivo T1X in India and here you will get to see an easy guide on how to use Vivo T1X as a pro mobile user.

1. Enter Password For The Power Manu

If your phone comes in someone's hand then they can switch it off without any password. There is an option in the Vivo T1X phone so that whenever someone wants to switch off your phone then they have to enter the password.

how to enable

  • phone setting
  • privacy
  • unlock to turn off the locked phone

Now whenever you want to switch off your phone, you have to enter the password.

2. Double Tap To On/Off

  • open setting
  • Select Shortcut and Accessibility
  • Now click on Smart Motion
  • And click on Smart Screen On/Off
  • From here you have to enable double tap to light and double tap to turn off

3. Swipe Down For Notifications

Swipe Down For Notifications is a very useful feature to enable.

  • Long tap on the home screen
  • Go to Settings
  • Here, open the Swipe Downwards on the Home screen and select Notification Center

4. Display Battery percentage and Network Speed

  • Open Settings
  • Display and Brightness
  • Status bar
  • Now Turn on the Display real-time network speed and Battery percentage

5. Face Unlock without swiping Up 

  • Open Setting
  • Click On Security
  • Face
  • Now Disable Stay on lock screen after unlocking

Now, whenever you unlock your Vivo T1X phone then you don't have to swipe up it will open directly on the home screen.

6. Unlock your Phone Without Tapping on the tick

When you enter the password to unlock your phone, then you have to click on the right mark, now you can bind it too.

Your phone will be unlocked as soon as you enter your password.

  • Open Settings
  • Now Click on Security
  • and then click on Pin
  • now set a pin number (Make Sure you tick mark Enter password of the set length to determine automatically.)

Now after entering the password, you can go to the home screen without clicking on the right button.

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