If you have a car, know this new rule from the government (Fastag New Rules)

Fastag New Rules

If you have a car, know this new rule of the government otherwise, your pocket will be empty. 

The Ministry of Road Transport & Highways has announced that after 12 noon on 15 February 2021, tollbooths on all highways in the country will be made mandatory with Fastag.

So earlier we could make a cash payment in 1 or 2 lanes of the highway but now that facility is gone. (This instruction for Fastag will no longer be extended)

So now the question arises that what will happen to those who do not have Fastag in their car? So people who don't have a Fastag in their car will have to pay double the toll tax.

Now let's talk about,

the answers to a few questions that you need to know about New Fastag Rules

Will there be any relief for private vehicles?

So NO, it doesn't matter if your vehicle is private. You must use Fastag on your vehicle.

Now if your vehicle is of m class or n class then you have to pay Fastag money.

(What are M-class vehicles? - M class vehicles i.e. vehicles transporting passengers and having 4 wheels or more. What are N-class vehicles? - n Class vehicles i.e. handling goods and having 4 or more wheels.)

Is Fastag also mandatory for two-wheelers?

So the answer is NO. Fastag is only for 4 wheelers so if you have a two-wheeler you don't need Fastag.

Where can I get Fastag if I don't have Fastag?

There are more than 40,000 distribution centers in our country. (For example, you can buy Fastag from a bank, toll plaza, Paytm, or Airtel payment bank.) 

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How much does a Fastag cost?

The price of Fastag can be up to Rs 100 and each Fastag has a security deposit of Rs 200. This security deposit is refundable.

Is it mandatory to link Fastag with our bank?

No, if you want to link Fastag with your bank, you can do so by deducting the amount of Fastag (amount of toll tax) directly from your bank account.

which are the Documents Required?

RC (Registration Certificate) of the vehicle and driving license.

Where can a Fastag be installed in a vehicle?

So you have to put the Fastag on the windshield of your vehicle but do not put the Fastag on the outside of the windshield but on the inside of the windshield. (Toll money will be deducted from your account or wallet when your vehicle passes over the tollbooth.)

Can Fastag be replaced?

Yes, sometimes it happens that if the Fastag breaks then in such circumstances you can replace your Fastag and for that, you have to go to the center of the Fastag.

We have provided all the information we had. If you still have any questions you can ask us in the comments and if you see any error in the above information you can let us know by email.

Thanks for reading our article.

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