What are the new IT Rules of 2021 and to whom do these rules apply?

What are the new IT Rules of 2021?

In our country (India) the draft Guideline has been released for social media, i.e. what you can and cannot do on social media is stated in these rules.

Our country's Union Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad said that a new rule called IT Rules 2021 (Information Technology IntermediaryGuidalines and digital media ethics code) is about to be issued in our country.

We will let you know in the next part of the post when these new IT Rules 2021 will come into force but first let us tell you which ministry is to administer these rules. So the Ministry of Electronics and IT is going to manage the IT Rules 2021.

Now let's talk about who these IT Rules 2021 will apply to.

So these new rules will apply to the big social media companies in our country. These rules do not apply to startup companies. (Now the big social media companies are the companies that have a bigger user base.)

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Which company will be subject to 2021 IT Rules?

  1. WhatsApp
  2. youtube
  3. Facebook
  4. Instagram
  5. Twitter

The above-mentioned company is called Significant Social Media Company and IT Rules 2021 has rules regarding this big company.

IT Rules 2021 (draft rules)

1. Every social media company has to follow due diligence so be careful that no one commits any kind of crime on social media. (If there is any illegal activity on any social media platform, it will also be the responsibility of the social media company.)

2. Grievance redressal mechanism will be implemented in every major social media company. (According to this rule, the company will now have to appoint a grievance redressal officer. This officer will handle our compline and resolve it within 15 days.

3. Every social media company must take care of the safety of every user, especially women.

4. The social media company will have to submit a monthly report on the number of complaints received and how many complaints have been resolved.

5. All major social media companies have to have their own address.

6. Verification mechanism must be turned on for voluntary use. (Until now, the accounts of celebrities were verified. Now, after this rule, this facility will be made available to all.)

7. Removal of Unlawful Informations.

(If you want more information, you can watch this YouTube video-LINK{video language - gujarati})

Note - If you find any of the above information to be inaccurate or omitted, you can let us know by email or in the comments.

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