How much does your WhatsApp know about you?

How much does your WhatsApp know about you?
How much does your WhatsApp know about you?

In today's article, we are going to let you know how much WhatsApp knows about you?

From this article, you will know how much data WhatsApp has about you and how you can view it.

We have been hearing from time to time that WhatsApp collects our data, so you should be aware of how much data WhatsApp has.

WhatsApp has come out with a feature through which you can view your information.

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So let's find out,

how this feature works and how to use it. (Follow the steps carefully as given below)

WhatsApp> Settings> Account> Request Account Info> Request Report

If you take the steps mentioned above, you will be given a date so you will get your data on that date. (It usually takes 3 to 4 days to generate this report)

Now let's talk about,

how to download the WhatsApp report on a given date.

So this is very simple. According to the steps mentioned above, go to Request Account Info and you will get the option of Export Report from where you can download this report.

Now this report will be a .zip file that you don't have to unzip (don't worry because your phone will give you the option to unzip and if there is no option you can download the app from Playstore which will unzip any zip file Can do)

Now after unzip you will get an access.html file and in this file, you will get all your data.

In the access.html file, you will find all the information that the WhatsApp app stores.

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