What is Bharat Series (BH) Registration Mark in Vehicles?

What is Bharat Series (BH) Registration Mark in Vehicles
Example Image - How Bharat Series Number Plate looks Like

You must know that the number plate of the vehicle of every state is different and the alphabet of its beginning is also different and this alphabet shows the name of that state.

Now you will be thinking that if this is the state mark of BH, then BH is the mark of India.

The full name of BH is Bharat Mark.

On 27 August 2021, the Ministry of Road Transport & Highways had published a notification in the Gazette and it was told that BH will be launched in some time.

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What is Bharat Series (BH) Registration Mark in Vehicles?

With the help of the Bharat series, the problem of getting the vehicle re-registered in other states will end.

Example - When you move to another state, section 47 of the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988 applies and according to this act, you cannot keep your vehicle in another state for more than 12 months.

What is the procedure to Re-register a Vehicle?

  • NOC From Home State
  • Payment of Registration Fees 
  • Refund of Registration Fees (From Home State)

From when can we get registered for BH?

According to the notification, the date of 21 September 2021 has been fixed.

What will be the Format of the BH Registration Mark?

Registration Format - YY BH (Number) XX

YY - Year of first registration

BH - Code for Bharat Series

Number - 0000 to 9999 (randomized)

XX - Alphabets (AA to ZZ)

Example - IND 21-BH-0001-AA (Under the BH Registration Mark the First Registered Vehicle Number Plate looks like Example)

Who can get BH Registration?

No BH registration is not for everyone. This is a voluntary basis series and you have to apply for it.

Who can apply for BH Series Registration?

Defense Personnel

Central Government Employees

State Government Employees

Central/State PSUs Employees

Private Sector Companies/ Organisation (Condition- Offices in 4 or More Stare/UTs)

What Will Be The Tax Paid For BH series registered vehicles?

Tax Levied for 2 years in Multiples of 2 years up to 14 years.

From 15th year Tax is mandatory for Every year. (Half the Amount Charged every year)

What is the Tax Structure in the BH series?

Invoice Price

Motor vehicle Tax

Below 10 Lakh


10 Lakh to 20 Lakh


Above 20 Lakh


If your vehicle runs on diesel then the above Motor Vehicle Tax will be 2% more and if you have an electric vehicle then 2% less Motor Vehicle Tax will be applicable.

Read more about the Bharat Series Registration mark - Here (PDF)

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