Apple has released macOS Big Sur 11.3 worldwide. From the list below, you can know that your device supports macOS Big Sur 11.3 or not.

supported devices for macOS Big Sur 11.3 

  • iMac 2014 and later
  • Macbook Air 2013 and later
  • iMac Pro 2017 and later (all models)
  • MacBook Pro Late 2013 and later
  • Mac Pro 2013 and later
  • MacBook 2015 and later
  • Mac mini 2014 and later

macOS Big Sur 11.3 update size is 5.71 GB but the update size may be different on your device. (The size of the update depends on the version of your device.)

What's New in macOS Big Sur 11.3?

  1. The service tab in about this mac has been redesigned
  2. You can now use Homepod minis in a stereo pair as an audio source
  3. macOS 11.3 adds support for Airtags
  4. All M1 based Macs now have hibernation support
  5. On M1 Macs when running iPhone or iPad apps you now have windows size options
  6. On M1 Macs when running iPhone or iPad apps you now have touch alternatives
  7. On M1 Macs when running iPhone or iPad app you can now make the app fullscreen
  8. There are 217 new Emoji in macOS 11.3
  9. There are now four Siri voices of which three are new
  10. A new "hello" screen saver has been added for the new iMac
  11. Autoplay has been added to the Music app
  12. There are now new city charts from around the world
  13. There are additional UI changes in the Music app to match iOS 14.5
  14. Podcasts have been updated with a redesigned interface
  15. There are new options in podcasts to automatically download episodes, hide played episodes, and more.
  16. Search in the Podcast app has been updated with categories
  17. News+ has been redesigned to help more easily find your magazines, newspapers, and downloads.
  18. You can now search by topic in the news app
  19. In Safari you can now sort the start page section order
  20. There are now WebExtensions API's that lets developers offer extensions that replace the new tab page
  21. You can now sort Reminders under the Today smart lists
  22. Reminders will now sync the order of the reminders across all devices
  23. You can now Print Reminders
  24. Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X and PS5 controller support has been added
  25. When setting a reminder with Siri it will no longer set to an early hour unintentionally
  26. iCloud Keychain will now turn off properly if you want to disable it
  27. Automatic switching of AirPods between devices should now work properly
  28. Automatic switching of AirPods notifications should now show and not be duplicated
  29. External 4K monitors will now correctly display in full resolution when connected over USB-C
  30. On the M1 Mac mini, the login window should now show properly
  31. The Dwell feature should now work as intended in the accessibility keyboard
  32. There is new Web Speech API's that let developers incorporate speech recognition into their web pages for real-time captioning, dictation, and voice navigation
  33. WebM and Vorbis audio support has been added to Safari

Should you install macOS Big Sur 11.3 on your device?

You can install macOS Big Sur 11.3 on your device. We have tested our device a lot after updating but we have not found any bugs.

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