New features added and old issues fixed with 14.5 update (available for iPhones & iPads)

What’s new in 14.5 update (iOS and iPadOS)

Apple has released a 14.5 update for iPhones and iPads and in a short time, these updates will be available on your devices.

Now let’s talk about what’s new in the 14.5 updates.

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New features were added after the 14.5 update

  1. Now You can unlock your device using Apple Watch if you are wearing a mask. (Your Apple Watch should be on watch os 7.4 or higher version)
  2. Find I have 3rd party item tracking support.
  3. Many new emojis have been added to comply with the latest Unicode standard.
  4. Siri now has more diverse voice options and will not default to a specific voice upon setup.
  5. Siri gains more compatibility and Siri can announce who is calling not only that when there is an incoming call you can answer it with your voice.
  6. Music now shows the album record labels.
  7. Podcast show pages have been redesigned.
  8. You can now save podcast episodes automatically.
  9. Search in the podcast has been updated.
  10. Dual 5G SIM support has been added to iPhone 12 series phones.
  11. There are now smarter data modes to help save battery when 5G is not Available or as fast as 4G.
  12. 5G roaming is now available on some carriers in some countries.
  13. Privacy to prevent apps from tracking on iOS has been added in iOS 14.5 update.
  14. The translate app adds multiple playback speeds options.
  15. News+ has been redesigned to more easily access your magazines, newspapers, and downloads.
  16. Search has been improved in the news to allows for searching by topics.
  17. You can now report an incident within the maps app.
  18. You can now share an ETA while walking or cycling.
  19. There are new sorting options in reminders.
  20. You can now print reminders.
  21. iOS 14.5 adds Xbox series s/x and PS5 controller support.
  22. You can now stream apple fitness + workouts to airplay 2 enabled devices.
  23. You can now use ETA in apple CarPlay using Siri or an on-screen keyboard.

Issues fixed after 14.5 updates 

  1. When in the message, sometimes the keyboard would cover texts at the end of a message thread. This issue has been fixed.
  2. Deleted messages will no longer show in spotlight searches.
  3. Sometimes messages could not be sent. this has been resolved.
  4. Mail will not show properly.
  5. Call blocking and identifications sections should now show properly in phone settings.
  6. iCloud tabs in safari are now showing up properly.
  7. iCloud Keychain sometimes would not allow you to turn it off. This issue has been resolved.
  8. Adding reminders using Siri sometimes would unintentionally set it for early morning hours and has been fixed.
  9. Battery re-calibration has been added for iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max.
  10. Optimization to reduce the appearance of a dim glow that may appear at reduced brightness levels with black background on iPhone 12 models.
  11. AirPods audio routing to the wrong devices has been resolved.
  12. AirPods automatic switching notifications show properly now and it will not duplicate itself.
Information source- zollotech

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