Zoook Upbeat Review : Should you spend your money for it?

French company Zoook introduced its Bluetooth Wireless Sports Earphones in India last month. The company claims that these headphones will get great audio. Bluetooth 5.0 will be available in this earphone for connectivity. Apart from this, the headphones are waterproof and sweatproof. We have used Zoook Upbeat for a few days for review. Let's know-how is this earphone?

    Zoook Upbeat Price and Specification

    Zoook has given aptX HD for better audio in it. Apart from this, there is also a mic for talking on the phone. A separate button is also provided for calling. This earphone of Zoook has a 70mAh battery, with which the company has claimed 5 hours of battery backup and 100 hours of standby. The price of this earphone is Rs 999 which can be purchased offline and from the store. It is present in only one color black.

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    Zoook upbeat design

    Talking about the design, there is no problem with the fitting, although its length is slightly shorter, however, you will feel the lack of length only if you have taken a muffler or worn a shirt with a collar. Due to the length, there is a fear of falling. The build quality is good and the gripping on the body is also good. The volume and power buttons have got the same space. With the button, you get very little load. In such a situation, it is difficult to use the button without looking. Magnets are provided with buds but they do not help much. There are three buds in the box with this Bluetooth earphone. So overall there is no problem with the design except the length and the buttons.

    Zoook Upbeat's design performance

    Now as far as performance is concerned, the company has given great audio quality in this earphone as promised. Its base is Kabil-e-compliment. For Rs 999, you will hardly get an earphone that has such a great base. The experience of watching movies to mix songs and playing games is fantastic. The combination of base and tone is also good. Talking about connectivity, iPhone, or Android phone, it does not have to be difficult to connect.

    Doing it over the phone through this earphone is also reassuring. The voice is clear both ways and there is no problem with distance also. Battery life is 4 hours and it takes about two hours to fully charge. So now the question is whether or not to buy Zoook Upbeat or else the answer is that its audio quality, build quality, and battery life is good. There may be a problem with just the length.


    I hope friends, you will have got all the related information related to Zoook Upbeat in this post, if you want to know anything more about this earphone, then you can write us in the comment box below.

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