These 5 rules changed from the month of 1 February 2021.

These 5 rules changed from the month of 1 February 2021.

1. Digital Voter Id Card  

From now on we will be able to download our digital voter id card online.

(You can download the digital voter id card by going to and giving the required details.)

How to download Digital Voter ID Card

E-Shram Portal - Benefits, Registration, Eligibility, and Required Documents

2. e-Catering Service Resume 

As per the announcement of IRCTC, e-catering will be started in more than 62 stations across the country. (Speaking of big stations, New Delhi, Bhopal, Ahmedabad, Surat, Pune, Patna, and others ...)

3. New ATM Rules from PNB (Punjab National Bank)

Now PNB customers cannot withdraw money from an ATM that is non-EMV. (The reason PNB is doing this is to maintain customer safety.)

4. New guideline for theaters/swimming pool guideline -

Till now only theater was allowed to open up to 50% efficiency but from now on theater can be opened up to 100% efficiency.

Now the swimming pool is also fully approved so now you can use the public swimming pool.

5. Mumbai Local Trains Straightened

Transport of local trains has been started in Mumbai so that the general public can use local trains.

night curfew in Ahmedabad (extra update)

curfew has been extended to major cities of Gujarat such as Ahmedabad, Surat, Rajkot, and Vadodara till Haji and it has been extended till 15th February 2021

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