NCR Days All Episodes Download Leaked on filmyzilla

NCR Days All Episodes Download Leaked
NCR Days Dreams, Dosti Aur MBA

NCR Days Web Series All Episodes leaked on filmyzilla

The Timeliners have made a very good web series named NCR Days and the first episode of this series is available on their official YouTube channel but some piracy-spreading websites have uploaded NCR Days all episodes download free on the internet.

First, the download link of NCR Days web series was uploaded on, and after that other piracy-spreading websites downloaded this series and uploaded it on the servers of their website. Now, this other website is also giving the download link to NCR Days series.

Episode 1 of the NCR Days web series is 50 minutes long and the rest of the episodes are also 45 to 60 minutes long.

The story of NCR Days Series has been made aware of the love story of Monesh Vyas aka Monu and the troubles that come in his life. Monu is a simple boy from a small village who falls in love with a girl and wants to get married but the family members of that girl want a son-in-law with an MBA degree.

Now Monu has to do MBA to save his love and that is why he applies to a college in NCR. After some time he starts studying at that college but after going he comes to know that for an MBA degree, he will not only have to pass the exam but also have to do a lot more.

After joining college, he comes to know that getting an MBA degree is more difficult than he thought.

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Watch NCR Days all episodes online in 1080p

The download link of NCR Days will be available from pirated websites but if you want to watch this series on your device without downloading, then we have some suggestions for that.


NCR Days Dailymotion

There are a few selected pirate websites that provide the option to watch the content online on their website and the biggest website among them is Dailymotion.

Although Dailymotion is not a piracy website, but there are many movies and web series on this website that you can watch for free without downloading.

NCR Days Google Drive

Google Drive is a very big website to store files and many people also use it to watch movies and web series online.

Small websites that provide download links for NCR Days do not have the funds to set up large servers and because of this, they use Google Drive.

Up to 15 GB of free storage is available in Google Drive and in this storage, the entire web series of NCR Days will be uploaded.

Google Drive also has a media player that allows the user to watch any content online. You can watch NCR Days online using this.

NCR days web series all episodes

There is a total of 5 episodes of the NCR Days web series and their names are given below.

Episode 1 - छोटा शहर, छोटी सोच

Episode 2 - बड़ा शहर vs. छोटा शहर

Episode 3 - सोच का फरक, Dance या ठरक?

Episode 4 - गुंडागर्दी vs लड़ाई

Episode 5 - Die to Live!

NCR Days All Episodes Watch Online On YouTube

All the episodes of NCR Days web series will be uploaded on The Timeliners' YouTube channel in no time but you may have to wait a bit for that.

Till now episode 1 of NCR Days is available on YouTube and you can watch it for free.

Watch Online (Free)

NCR Days Drew and Members

Series Name - NCR Days Dreams, Dosti Aur MBA

Director- Ambrish Verma

Writer- Ambrish Verma 

Producer- Arunabh Kumar

Editors- Tushar Manocha, Arunava Basu Roy Chaudhuri

Casting- Vikas Pal & Vibhu Gupta

Music- Akaash Mukherjee

NCR Days Important Links

Link 1 ( 300 MB)

Link 2 (900 MB)

Link 3 (1.5 GB)

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