macOS 12 Monterey Beta 3 and watchOS 8 Beta 3 Released - What's New?

macOS 12 Monterey Beta 3 and watchOS 8 Beta 3 Released

Apple released watchOS 8 beta 3 and macOS 12 Monterey beta 3 alongside iOS 15 beta 3.

In this post, we are going to tell you about the new features of both these updates.

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macOS 12 Monterey Beta 3 - What's New?

The new Safari Tab design has been reverted back to the macOS Big Sur Style.

You can change the style back to prior macOS Monterey tabs.

Universal Control options are now available, but it's not active yet.

Resolved issues with macOS 12 Monterey Beta 3

Adding a video call to an event with an existing location no longer removes the previous location.

Fixed an issue that caused Calendar to quit unexpectedly when adding a facetime video call to an existing repeating meeting.

There are over 30 resolved issues in macOS Monterey Beta 3.

Configuration is available for Universal Control preferences, but feature support is not enabled in the release.

There are over 20 known issues that remain in macOS Monetary Beta 3.

macOS 12 Monterey Beta 3 may be released after 2 weeks. (28 July 2021)

watchOS 8 Beta 3 - What's New?

Focus modes are now color-coordinated in watchOS 8 Beta 3.

Storage has been updated with a new graphical interface.

Under Workouts, Auto-Pause now replaces running Auto-Pause.

You can now install update ben if you have less than 500MB of storage available.

WatchOS Beta 3 still has 14 known issues remaining.

After the update watch battery life is the same as before.

watchOS 8 beta 3 is completely stable and there are no additional battery drains.

watchOS beta 4 may be released after 2 weeks. (28 July 2021)

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