Watch The Big Bull (2021) Full Movie Online

Watch the big bull movie online:- The Big Bull is a drama movie and the tag line of this movie is that "it is not another scam, it is the mother of all scams".

The story of The Big Bull Movie is from 1987 when the stock market had the highest number of scams. The main character of this movie is Hemant and he wants to become India's first Billionaire. Now you will get to see in the movie itself whether Hemant will become India's first Billionaire.

Watching the trailer of The Big Bull Movie, this movie soundtrack looks quite strange. Now, this soundtrack is from Youtuber named carryminati but this soundtrack does not look anything special in the trailer of this movie. Watching the trailer of The Big Bull Movie, this movie looks quite interesting but the soundtrack of this movie can become a weakness of this movie.

Watch The Big Bull (2021) Full Movie Online 

In this movie, we also get to see Ileana D'Cruz who is playing the role of a journalist. The role of Hemant's wife is played by Nikita Dutta and Hemant's brother is played by Sohum Shah.

The Big Bull movie shows that Hemant is increasing his wealth by scamming in the stock market. Now Soham is also supporting Hemant in all these scams.

Now, by watching the trailer of The Big Bull Movie, it is clear that this movie has been made in Bollywood style. Now Bollywood style is pointing towards the dialogues of this movie, as in The Big Bull movie, there is a dialogue which Soham Shah has said that "Bhagwan se bhi jyada paise hai hamare pass".

Shortly before sony liv's scam 1992 web series was released and was a big hit and The Big Bull movie looks like a copy of the same web series.

Although there is not much expectation from this movie, I would definitely like to see The Big Bull movie for Abhishek Bachchan's new avatar.

The Big Bull (2021) full Movie Trailer Online

Official Trailer Of the big bull movie (2021) - This trailer is published on DisneyPlus Hotstar VIP's Official channel. 

The Big Bull (2021) Star Cast

Directed by Kookie Gulati

Produced by Ajay Devgn & Anand Pandit (Co-producers - Kumar Mangat Pathak & Vikrant Sharma)

Written by Kookie Gulati & Arjun Dhawan (Dialogues written by Ritesh Shah)

Edited by Dharmendra Sharma

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