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there was no need to make a review of the Durgamati movie because in the story of this movie you have already told me in one of your posts. (You will find the link to that post at the end of this article) But some viewers from you have not seen that post before, then I am going to tell you all the information about the Durgamati movie in this post.

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Now you are simple in simple language, Durgamati movie has been copied from South's Bhaagamathie movie. Now, by the way, we would call this movie a remake, but this movie is being shown to us as Amazon Originals, that's why we are calling this movie a copy. If you do not have an account on Amazon Prime and if you want to watch this movie, then you can watch the Bhaagamathie movie uploaded on YouTube.

The entire story of Durgamati and many scenes have been copied from the Bhaagamathie movie, so you can skip this movie if you want.

If we talk about the actors acting in the movie, then many actors in this movie have played their characters very well but I would definitely like to praise a particular actor who is Harshad Warsi. His acting in this movie is going to be liked a lot.

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If I tell the review of Durgamati movie in a simple language, then in this movie, the biggest problem you get is in the story of this movie, if the story was not completely copied then you would have liked this movie even more.

Now talk about whether you should watch the Durgamati movie or not? So the answer is yes. If you have not seen your South movie Bhaagamathie, then you can watch this movie and if you have already seen your Bhaagamathie, you can still watch this movie but you will not get to see that newness in the story of this movie.

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