what's new in iOS 15.2.1 Update

Apple released ios 15.2.1 to the public and this is available to all ios 15 supported devices from the iPhone 6s, 6s Plus, and all the way to the iPhone 13 pro and 13 pro max.

it's also available at the same time everywhere around the world and if you're not seeing this update what you can do to check for that is go into your settings go to general then go to software update and then you'll see the update again if you're still not seeing it make sure you turn off automatic updates and check again and you should see the update now.

with this update, Apple also released iPad os 15.2.1 but they did not update the apple watch or apple tv but they did release ios 15.3 beta 2 at the same time to developers and beta testers.  

what's new in iOS 15.2.1 Update

The build number of this update is 19c63 and this particular build is a fairly small update and does not include a modem update.

now let's talk about changes,

so this particular update includes some changes and updates as well as security updates.

the first thing has to do with messages if you're using iMessage or messages and maybe a photo was not loading properly when someone sent you an iCloud link that has been resolved in this update also third-party car play apps that were not responding to input and after the update, this should now work properly.

this update contains security updates and one bug that has to do with the home kit. there was a bug in-home kit where if you renamed one of your devices to over a 500 000 character device name it 

would completely cause you not to be able to use your phone even if you restored it that bug has been patched in this update and you can see it on the apple security website so if we go into the security update site.  

the phone storage bug so phone storage may not work properly for you and because it's taking up a tremendous amount of storage and it looks like that's resolved entirely and some people were seeing a storage usage that was much higher than what they had or just the storage number that was beyond the actual capacity of their device so those issues have not been addressed entirely 

now they did patch the same issues on the iPad as well but there are no additional issues so that the issue with iMessage has been patched here as well as the security patch for a home kit on the iPad no additional patches have been implemented with this update or additional features so it's just a small bug fix and security update. 

now as far as the music streaming bug they never mentioned that they fixed that so they still may be working on that where it would cause you to use additional CPU cycles and in turn cause battery drain if you were streaming music that so far at least isn't mentioned that it has been fixed.

now I did run benchmarks on some apple devices so I could share those with you and on the 13 pro, it scored 1734 for single-core 4758 for multicore.

it seems to be about the same so it's improved for multi-core but it's actually slightly lower for single-core, it just depends on what version you're running.