Chabutro movie 2022 - Cast, Release Date, Trailer, and Storyline (Gujarati Movie)

Chabutro New Gujarati movie 2022 Poster
Chabutro movie 2022

Chabutro is a Gujarati drama movie directed by Chanakya Patel and produced by Neha Rajora. The name of this movie has now been added to the big Budget movies of 2022.

Chabutro Storyline

Chabutro movie is the story of Gujarati boy Viraj who lives in America. Now Viraj likes life in America very much, due to which he lives and works there. Viraj's father has a big business in Ahmedabad but Viraj does not like to come to India there is some problem with his US visa due to which he has to come back to India.

When Viraj comes back to India, he does not know how to adjust to India's work life. His father asks him to join the family business but Viraj does not know how to work in India and that is why he thinks of starting his own business.

Now whether Viraj is successful in starting his business or not, we will know only after watching the Chabutro movie.

Chabutro Movie Coming to your nearest cinema on 4th November 2022.


Raunaq Kamdar (as Viraj), Anjali Barot (as Nivedita), Chhaya Vora, Bhumika Barot, Dharmesh Vyas, Shivam Parekh, Annapurna Shukla, Akash Pandya

Chabutro Trailer

Release Date

4th November 2022


Producer: Neha Rajora

Director: Chanakya Patel

Writer: Chanakya Patel

DOP: Dhirendra Shukla

Editor: Tushar Parekh

Lyrics: Niren Bhatt

Music & BGM: Siddharth Amit Bhavsar

Chabutro movie OTT Release Date

Most movies are released on OTT only 3 or 4 weeks after the release date of cinema but this is not the case in the Gujarati movie industry. A lot of Gujarati movies are confined to the cinema, and people who want to enjoy a movie like Chabutro at their home are not able to watch this movie.

Looking at the trailer of the Chabutro movie and the reaction of the audience, this movie looks very promising but if the movie is released on OTT then maybe this movie can be reached more people.

Moti Veraana Song (Chabutro movie)

Moti Veraana Song is a Garba song that was used during the first meeting of Viraj and Nivedita in the movie Chabutro. Viraj and Nivedita perform Garba on this song, but Viraj did not do the Garba well, due to which he sees Nivedita doing the Garba and in no time he learns the Garba. After that, he participates in Garba along with Nivedita.

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