Aum Mangalam Singlem (Gujarati Movie) Cast, Release Date and Story Line

Aum Mangalam Singlem Cast, Release Date and Story
Aum Mangalam Singlem

Aum Mangalam Singlem is a Gujarati movie whose first trailer was released on 14 October 2022 on YouTube. After the love ni bhavai movie, we are going to see Malhar Thakkar and Aarohi together in a film.

Story Line

In the movie Aum Mangalam Singlem, we are getting to see 2 main characters in which the first is siddhu (Siddharth) i.e. Malhar Thakkar and the second is vaani i.e. Aarohi.

After watching the trailer of this movie, this movie got an excellent response from the audience. The story of this movie is about the love of 2 people who have been in a relationship ship for 12 years but now both decide what the fun of being single once before marriage is.

siddhu and vaani both of them start living their single life but both of them fall in love again but this time not with each other but with someone else. The relationship between these two starts cracking and on seeing this love story reaches the verge of ending.

Now whether these two can come back closer to each other or do they become even more distant, we will know only after watching the movie.

Aum Mangalam Singlem movie songs

Saavariya - watch Online

Music: Sachin-Jigar 

Singer: Sachin-Jigar, Varun Jain 

Lyrics: Niren Bhatt


Malhar Thakar


Tatsat Munshi

Bhamini Oza Gandhi

Darshan Jariwala

Aarti Patel


Nisarg Trivedi

Sanjay Galsar

Ravi Gohil

Jaini Shah

Nilesh Parmar 

Rehan Meghani

Release Date

18th November 2022

Crew Members

Director: Rupam Entertainment

Film By: Sandeep Patel

Producer: Aarti Patel

Writers: Mitai Shukla and Nehal Bakshi

Music and BGM: Sachin-Jigar

Lyrics: Niren Bhatt

Choreography: Samir & Arsh Tanna

DOP: Tapan Vyas

Editor: Prateek Gupta

Digital Marketing: Travrse Media

Aum Mangalam Singlem OTT Release Date

Aum Mangalam Singlem will be released in the cinema in a few days and based on that we can guess that the OTT Release Date of Aum Mangalam Singlem can come on November 2022. Usually, a movie is released on OTT or gets a release date for OTT after 3 weeks of the cinema release of the movie but Gujarati movie is very difficult to come on any OTT.

If the makers of Aum Mangalam Singlem movie are ready to release this movie on OTT then we can get to see this movie on Amazon Prime.

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