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Vitthal Teedi Full Gujarati Movie Download

In this article, We have explained to you very well how to download Vitthal Teedi Full Gujarati web series in HD quality.

Vitthal Teedi web series all episodes download available in 300 MB.

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Vitthal Teedi chapter 1 download

The story of the Vitthal Teedi Web series begins from Vitthal's childhood. Vitthal was very fond of playing cards since childhood and people believed that he had magic in his hand as he used to win every time.

As Vitthal grew up, he started earning money playing cards. His one-time earnings had increased by Rs. 2569.

Vitthal used to win the small game of the village earlier, but he goes on to win the city even bigger but in no time it is understood that the city card game is very complicated, and even bigger players in this game Are playing.

Lots of websites can provide download links for Vitthal teedi web series and if you want a direct download link to this movie so you can read this post(sky movies).

(Fact - Real name of Vitthal Teedi is Pratik Gandhi) 

Vitthal Teedi Chapter - 1 Watch Online

Beni Ho Song From Vitthal Teedi Series

  • Singer - Geetaben Rabari 
  • Video Editor - Harsh Anandani
  • Music given by Kedar & Bhargav
  • Lyrics - Bhargav Purohit
  • Song Recording and Mixing - Legato Labz Recording Studio

Beni ho Song Lyrics 

language - Gujarati

આજે બેની છૂટીયા સંગાથ આવજે બેની હો

આવ બેની ભરી લઉં બાથ આવજે બેની હો 

લઈ જાજે કોડી તારી સાત સાથે બેની હો 

દઈ જાજે બધી તારી ઘાત માથે બેની હો 

આજે બેની છૂટીયા સંગાથ આવજે બેની હો...

ફળિયે કોયલ થઈ આજ ગાઈ લે બેની હો 

તુલસીની તરસી છે સાંજ પાઇ લે બેની હો

ઘરમાં હવેથી ઘેરી રાત થાશે બેની હો

લઇ ચાલી સઘળો ઉજાસ સાથે બેની હો 

કોને અમે કે'શું છાની વાત હવે બેની હો 

રે'જો રાજી રે'જો રળીયાત હવે બેની હો {codeBox}

Lyrics Credits - OHO Gujarati

How To Download Vitthal Teedi Series

There are many ways to download Vitthal Teedi web series but we have shown you the best way in this article.

method no. 1

To download Vitthal Teedi, you have to download the app named torrdroid and search Vitthal Teedi Movie after that you will get the download link to this movie.

method no. 2

you can use the below link and follow the step-by-step guide to download vitthal teedi chapter 1.

You can watch Vitthal teedi web series on 7 May 2021. (IMDB)


Vitthal Teedi Watch Online

The trailer of Vitthal Teedi Chapter 1 was released on the Oho Gujarati YouTube channel on May 1, 2021.

We all saw Pratik Gandhi in the Scam 1992 web series and that is why we became fan of his acting, now once again Pratik Gandhi is coming to Vitthal teedi chapter 1 to show his amazing performance.

By the way, this series is going to come in Gujarati but if you have trouble understanding Gujarati then you will also get to see subtitles in Vittal Teedi series.

Vitthal Teedi cast

  • Pratik Gandhi as Vitthal Teedi(Vitthal Tripathi)
  • Ragi Jani as Tribhuvandas Tripathi
  • Prashant Barot as Dasha Bapu
  • Prem Gadhavi as Kanu Datti
  • Brindra Trivedi as Vandana Tripathi
  • Jagjeetsinh Vadher as Jaglo

Director - Abhishek Jain

Producer - CineMan Productions Limited, Nayan Jain, Abhishek Jain, Amit Desai, Suryadeep Basiya 

Music and Lyrics - Kedar, Bhargav Purohit

Editor - Hiren Chitroda 

Note - We do not provide download link for vitthal teedi full Gujarati web series, this article is just for information.

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