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sharato lagu full movie downlaod
malhar thakkar

The sharto lagu full movie download is a Gujarati comedy-drama movie by Malhar Thakkar. The entire movie is very basic but made above the important topic.

Most people in India get married without knowing each other and after some time, they start getting engaged between them.

This sharato lagu full movie has been made keeping this topic in mind by getting Malhar tired. The movie is quite funny and full of drama.

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    sharato lagu movie story

    The sharato lagu full movie download begins with our hero Malhar going to her house to see a girl for marriage.

    In this movie, Malhar Thakkar's name is Satyavrat and that girl's name is Savitri. Savitri wants to stay with Satyavrat for 2 months and if both of them start liking each other in these two months then they can marry after that.

    Hearing this of Savitri, both the families became very angry and started refusing to accept this. All of Savitri's friends also started refusing. But Savitri and Satyavrat had agreed to this experiment.

    sharato lagu full movie downlaod
    deeksha joshi

    In the sharato Lagu full movie, you are shown how Satyavrat and Savitri like and fight each other and start liking each other again.

    With most of your couples, you must have seen that they fight each other as much as they love each other.

    In the sharato lagu movie, you will get to see the comedy touch of Malhar Thakkar and you will also get to see the movie-created drama.

    sharato lagu full movie cast

    • Malhar Thakkar - Satyavrat
    • Deeksha Joshi - Savitri
    • Prashant Barot - Savitri’s Father
    • Chhaya Vora - Savitri’s Mother
    • Hemant Jha - Satyavrat’s Father
    • Alpana Buch - Satyavrat’s Mother
    • Gopi Desai - Satyavrat's Dadi
    • Hitarth Joshi - Savitri's brother(Tiniyo)
    • Deepa Trivedi - Savitri's sister (Ragini)

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