The basic story of The SUICIDE SQUAD movie remains the same as SUICIDE SQUAD. The team of a supervillain will join them together to fight a dangerous villain.

The characters of The SUICIDE SQUAD movie may sound very strange, so let's start with the introduction of all the characters in The SUICIDE SQUAD movie.

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1. Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn

We saw Harley Quinn in the first part of SUICIDE SQUAD and after that Harley Quinn's solo movie was also released. After the story of Harley Quinn's Solo Movie, we will see the story in THE SUICIDE SQUAD movie.


Harley Quinn's superpower is her insanity, she can do anything anytime. She can also do gymnastics quite well.


Margot Robbie played the character of Harley Quinn.

2. The Thinker

The Thinker

Now the thinker's powers are the same as his name.


The Thinker's powers are telekinesis and mind control and the Thinker uses his helmet to use this power. Now the Thinker had a helmet in the comics, but the SUICIDE SQUAD movie does not look like a helmet.

The Thinker is a young character but his brain uses so much power that he seems old in his youth.


The Thinker is played by Peter Capaldi.

3. Peacemaker


Peacemaker wants peace just like his name but he can do anything to get that peace.


Seeing the body of the peacemaker, you must have understood that he has the very good physical ability, but in addition to his strength, he also uses the gun.


Peacemaker's Role played by John Cena

4. Blackguard


Blackguard used to call criminal organizations to do small tasks.


The Blackguard does not have any superpower but has a Combat Suit with the help of which he fights.


Blackguard is played by Pete Davidson.

5. Ratcatcher 2

Ratcatcher 2

There is no character in the comics by the name of Ratcatcher 2, just Ratcatcher, and this character used to control the brains of mice in the comics.


The powers of Ratcatcher 2 are to control mice, and not one or two Ratcatcher 2 can simultaneously control millions of mice.


Ratcatcher 2 is played by Daniela Melchior.

6. Bloodsport


Bloodsport is a contract killer in comics. Now Bloodsport is in prison because he shot Superman a kryptonite bullet.


Bloodsport also has no superpower but has a device that allows it to teleport high-tech weapons to itself.


Idris Elba is playing the character of Bloodsport.

7. Weasel


Weasel was dressed in comics and murdered, but Weasel's story has been changed in The SUICIDE SQUAD movie. Weasel was a professor in the movie and turns up due to experiments.


Now Weasel's superpower is like an animal like quick reaction and high speed.


Weasel's role is played by James Gun's brother Sean Gunn.

8. Rick Flag

Rick Flag

We saw Rick Flag in the movie SUICIDE SQUAD.


Rick Flag does not have any superpower but is quite adept at hand-to-hand fight and weapons.


Joel Kinnaman plays Rick Flag.

9. King Shark

King Shark

King Shark is a metahuman and according to him, his father is Shark God. Now people believe that he is the mutant version of humans and sharks. The voice of King Shark in the movie is given by Sylvester Stallone.


The powers of King Shark are like a normal Shark with superhuman strength, swimming, and more.


The body motion of King Shark is given by Steve Agee.

10. Javelin


Javelin was an Olympic Javelin player before becoming Villan. Javelin was Green Lantern's villain in the comics.


Javelin's superpower is his Javelin, with the help of which he fights his enemies.


Javelin's role is played by Flula Borg.

11. T.D.K.


Now you have seen the trailer of your The SUICIDE SQUAD movie, you must know that the superpower of this villain is quite strange and you can tell it by looking at the image given above.

Now T.D.K. The full form is the detachable kid.


T.D.K. has a superpower that he can separate his hands from his body and he can use them even after that.


T.D.K. Is played by Nathan Fillion.

12. Mongal


In the comics Mongal is an alien, his father is Mongal. Mongal is the King of the Planet named War World.

Mongal was sent to Earth for a mission but was caught and then made a member of the task force.


Mongal is an alien due to which he has super strength and speed.


Mayling NG is playing the character of Mongal.

13. Captain Boomerang

Captain Boomerang

Captain Boomerang will be seen in his SUICIDE SQUAD 1 and this character is seen in the SUICIDE SQUAD.


The powers of Captain Boomerang are similar to his name, he can control his Boomerang quite well and his weapon is also Boomerang.


Captain Boomerang's Role Played By Jai Courtney

14. Solsoria


Solsoria's character is seen as normal.


Now there is no female character in the comics by the name of SolSoria but there is a matching character named Juan Soria. Now the power of Juan Soria is that he can unlock anything.

Now let's talk about the Power of Solicoria of The SUICIDE SQUAD movie, nothing has been cleared yet.


The role of SolSoria is playing Alice Braga.

15. Savant


There is no Savant Villain in the comics. Savant is from a millionaire family and used to try to fight crime with his money. Now people used to die many times in fighting crime but it did not matter to him.


Savant is quite an Aamir and he is also an expert hacker. (By comics)


Savant's role is played by Michal rooker.

16. Polka Dot Man 

Polka Dot Man

Polka Dot Man is Batman's villain in the comics but it is not a big villain and it is not a very popular character either.


Polka Dot Man has the same superpower as its name. The polka dot man has a lot of dots on his costume, which are called polka dots, and from these polka dots, polka dot man can create any object.


The role of the polka dot man is played by David Dastmalchian.

17. Starro dc

Now in the trailer of THE SUICIDE SQUAD movie, one of his big starfish will be seen, his name is Starro.

So far we have not received much information about Starro, but it is certain that Starro is shown as a villain in this movie.


So far, we do not know anything about Starro Super Powers, but we can say that this is a big starfish that is crushing everything that comes in its way.

All the characters that you have known about so far have been barely shown in comics, this means that you can find out that this is a completely new character whom James Gun wants to show in his movie THE SUICIDE SQUAD.

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