Jagame Thandhiram Movie Release Date

Dhanush is a very big superstar of South Indian movie industry and there is good news for his fans that new movie of dhanush is going to be released.

jagame thandhiram is going to be a crime thriller movie.

The new movie of dhanush jagame thandhiram is getting a lot of discussion among the audience and the audience wants to know when the jagame thandhiram movie will be released?

The teaser of jagame thandhiram movie was released in February itself and it was also clarified that this movie will not be released in cinema but this movie will be released on the ott platform.

Now dhanush does not want the jagame thandhiram movie to be released on the ott platform and for that he talked to the producers of the movie but still the movie is being released on the ott platform.

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Now let's talk on which ott platform will the jagame thandhiram movie be released?

So you will get to see jagame thandhiram movie on Netflix.

Netflix has bought the jagame thandhiram movie for 55 crores.

Talking about the release date of jagame thandhiram movie, you will get to see this movie on Netflix in the second week of June 2021.

You can watch jagame thandhiram movie in total four languages ​​and those languages ​​are Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada and Hindi. The dubbing of this movie is taking longer and that is why this movie is going to be released in June.

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