Ratsasan movie download leaked by tamil rockers

ratsasan movie download leaked by tamil rockers
Ratsasan Tamil movie


Ratassan Movie download was launched in 2018 and shortly after launch Ratassan Movie was uploaded for free download on Tamil Rockers website.

Though it's not a Horror film, this movie is scarier, especially in the second half.

This is a rare kind of movie where you are getting hooked to the ratsasan movie Tamil right from the beginning to the end.

Though it's not a Horror film, this movie is scarier, especially in the second half. Nothing will stop me from hyperbolizing this masterpiece.

This ratsasan movie Tamil absolutely epitomized how slept upon Tamil cinema truly is. If this was released in English then it would gross a copious amount of money, gain numerous accolades, and be stored in a time capsule to be viewed by future generations.

It will hallmark of the best talent that is being encouraged in the industry right now and I commend those who back such brilliant minds.

The movie started with a usual crime scene, but the tone became darker when the movie started. The backstory of Psycho was really good.

ratsasan full movie

The screenplay in this movie is engaging and brilliant. The first half seems to be normal. But, the true & real fear started in its second half, though there are very few loopholes.

The best thing about 80% of the fear is because of BGM. The dark music completely matched with the ratsasan movie Tamil. Gibran again proved himself to be the best music director.

Each and every scene are essential for this movie. Moreover, the editing was crispier which added more thrill to the movie.

The official Remake of Ratsasan movie is Cuttputlli Movie 2022.

This is not only South Indian cinema. But This is Indian cinema.

How To Download

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Ratsasan full movie cast 

  • Vishnu Vishal - Sub-inspector Arun Kumar
  • Amala Paul - Vijayalakshmi
  • Saravanan - Christopher & Mary Fernandez/Annabella George (dual role)
  • Yasar - Young Christopher
  • Kaali Venkat - Venkat
  • Abhirami - Ammu
  • Baby Monica - Kayal
  • Ramdoss - Doss, Arun's brother-in-law, and Ammu's father
  • Vinodhini Vaidyanathan - Kokila, Arun's sister and Ammu's mother
  • Usha Elizabeth - Arun's mother
  • Suzane George - ACP Lakshmi
  • Nizhalgal Ravi - Dr. Nandan
  • Sangili Murugan - Arun's house owner
  • Trishala - Sanjana and Sangeetha (dual role)
  • Priya - Meera
  • Ragavi Renu - Sophie
  • Vinod Sagar - Inbaraj
  • Gajaraj - Gajaraj, Senior Police Officer
  • Jai Anand - Anbarasu, Police Officer
  • Thangam Paramanantham - Simon, a Police officer
  • Pasupathi - Pasupathi, Police Officer
  • Sanjay - Inspector Durai Raj
  • Raveena Daha - Sharmi, Ammu's classmate
  • Ravishankar - Amudha's father
  • Rekha Padmanaban - Amudha's mother
  • Geetha Narayanan - Sanjana and Sangeetha's school principal

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