mickey Virus Movie download

mickey Virus Movie download
mickey Virus Movie 

mickey Virus Movie download was launched in 2013. This movie has been directed by Saurabh Verma. The movie is made about hacking.

The mickey virus movie download starts in Delhi. In Delhi, two hackers are murdered and that is why the Delhi Police feel that they too need a fast-minded hacker and that is why the Delhi Police have to search for a hacker.

In the present condition, the Delhi Police is very much in need of a new hacker and that is why ACP Sidhant himself is working in this case. In search of a new hacker, acp meets mickey Arora.
Now in the beginning, mickey Arora refuses to help the police but after persuading acp Siddhant, mickey agrees.

Now the mickey virus movie is quite interesting here because mickey Arora tries to fool the police for his benefit. But acp Siddhant understands that mickey Arora is trying to fool him.

Talking of mickey Arora shown in the movie, he is very good in the field of hacking. Now anyway we all know that most of the hacking scenes shown in the movie are wrong and in reality hacking is quite difficult.
Manish Paul has played the character of mickey Arora, now you know Manish, then he is quite a fun actor and makes people laugh with his funny style. Manish Paul will be seen as an anchor in most of his TV shows.

In the movie you will also get to see elli Avram, she has played the role of Kamayani in this movie and her role is really beautiful. You will like his acting very much in this movie.

If you like to watch hacking movies then you may like this movie. This movie will get to see more action but you may like some hacking scenes.

How to download mickey virus movie

mickey virus movie is available to download on hotstar.

you can download mickey virus from torrent. (it's free- so you can download any movie you want to watch on torrent)
you can use telegram app for movie downloading (most of the internet users use this method to download latest hollywood and bollywood movies.)

mickey virus cast

  • Manish Paul - Mickey Arora
  • Elli Avram - Kamayani
  • Manish Choudhary - ACP Siddhanth Chauhan
  • Varun Badola - Inspector Devender Bhalla
  • Puja Gupta - Chutney
  • Nitesh Pandey - Professor
  • Raghav Kakkar - Floppy
  • Vikesh Kumar - Pancho

other information about mickey virus movie 

  • director - saurabh varma 
  • produced by - arun rangachari, vivek rangachari, sahnaab alam
  • story - saurabh varma, elvin raja 
  • music - hanif shaikh 
  • cinematography - anshuman mahaley
  • release date - 25 october 2013
  • movie time - 135 minute
  • movie budget - Rs. 110 million

mickey virus songs 

  1. Pyaar China Ka Maal Hai
  2. Tose Naina
  3. Sajna Ve Sajna Vec
  4. Aankhon Hi Aankhon Ne
  5. Mickey Virus

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